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Project Construction
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    Shanghai Yanda Construction Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Fengxian chemical Eastern with developed economy and convenient transportation.Shanghai Yanda is a construction and installation and manufacturing enterprise developed on the basis of technology foundation of undertaking nuclear and military project.Yanda has asset structure with clear property rights,
    fast style of work, with contracting capability of nuclear engineering, chemical and petrochemical, aerospace, electronics, electricity, medicine, food and other medium-sized project construction and commissioning, and "turnkey" project.Company specializes in electronics, medicine, food, clean nuclear engineering works construction, with professional and technical strength and rich experience in construction to undertake such projects. Meanwhile, the company has GC2 pressure piping installation permit,ASME U stamp certification and first class pressure vessel,  second class of low, medium pressure vessel manufacturing license.
      The company has a modern production plant nearly 40000m2, existing staff more than 200, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 80, including intermediate and senior professional titles 12 and has a technically reliable and stable team of welders and foremen. Meanwhile, the company is equipped with automatic bending machine, beveling machine, ESAB, automatic argon arc welder,automatic submerged arc welder and other special imported international advanced equipment more than 110 sets.The company has level one Electrode library,level two electrode library,testing darkroom, film assessment room and a number of tool rooms. The company also realized the computer network management, to ensure that the whole process of construction and production has been effectively controlled.The fixed assets of existing equipment is more than 6,000 yuan, equipment intact rate is more than 90%, specifically to deal with major equipment rate is 100%.
       In recent years, the company will apply the construction management experience and quality assurance concepts of undertaking military projects, the Dayawan Nuclear Power Station and Qinshan Nuclear Power Station project into general industrial construction projects and foreign investment projects.The company has undertaken the Nestle company-owned factories, Beijing Bayer Pharmaceutical Factory, Tianjin Clariant Chemical Plant, Motorola semiconductor chip factory in Tianjin, TEDA rainbow and Guangxi Luzhai 300,000 tons urea, Xinjiang Zep fertilizer plants and other projects. Based on its strong technical force, excellent manufacturing quality since 2003, the company provided PRAX, AP manufacturing cold boxes, modules and containers and other accessories to the world famous air separation enterprises.The products exported to Mexico, India and other countries and regions. The company’s annual output is up to one hundred million yuan or more.
       Quality is the life. The company pays great attention to quality management.All the projects which have been put into operation, both the quality and after-sales service have been excellent evaluation of the owners.The quality of cold boxes,modules,containers and other accessories has reached and exceeded the similar foreign products, and highly praised by the peer experts. Since 2002, the company has developed a "pressure pipe installation Quality Assurance Manual", "pressure vessel manufacturing quality management handbook ", a strong guarantee for pipeline installation and pressure vessel manufacturing quality.
    The company also pays great attention to the environmental management and environmental protection, strictly implement the national and local laws, regulations and other requirements, and actively participate in various environmental protection activities.
    In recent years,the company always keeps fast developing with continuous efforts.The company is ongoing third phase of technological transformation based on the first and second phase.We will always adhere to the quality policy as "scientific management, careful construction, first-class, continually enhanced product quality and service, customer’s satisfaction" to improve the quality of the company.Yanda will further improve the quality management system to ensure to provide more safe and high-quality products and installation constructions to the whole society and users.Yanda will create a better tomorrow with our partners.
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