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    CHIYODA Yokohama Office Visited Yanda (Haimen)
        On 28th Jun., 2016, Mr. YASUMITSU ABE, Senior Vice President and Director of Project Logistics & Construction Division, with his team from Chiyoda Headquarter in Yokohama, Japan, accompanied by Mr. Yang Tao, from Yanda called on Yanda (Haimen) facility, which is designed to look deeply into Yanda (Haimen) on-site facilities, and fabrication capacities so as to go for a potential opportunity of business cooperation. The President of Yanda Group, Mr. Lei Jianmin gave a warm and delighted greeting to the visitors with Yanda (Haimen) team.In the morning, both parties made mutual introduction firstly and Veronica showed HSE requirements and company presentation by PPT to the visitors from ExxonMobil. Afterwards, Mr. Lei Jianmin displayed all facilities from Yanda Group through Live Video and took Sasol Project ongoing one as an example to share the functions of project management system (SAP_ERP) with the visitors , who had a deep impression of the introduction made by Lei. After the shop tour, Mr. YASUMITSU ABE, and Mr. MAKI KAZUYUKI, General Manager of Procurement Unit, came up with some proposals and comments of great value as far as project management at all stages, Smart Management Software (Upgrading of Functions) and material traceability etc. are concerned; and higher expectations will be placed on the potential possibilities of cooperation in the near future.  
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