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    GE Poland came to visit Shuangyan Plant
    On Jun. 15th, 2016, led by Mr. Lance Zhou, Procurement Manager of GE China, Mr. Adam Wisniewski, Engineering Technical Leader of GE Poland, Mr. Daniel Ozga, Design Engineer of GE Poland, and Mr. Zhang Zhitao, Engineering Technical Leader of GE China, came to visit Shuangyan Plant. Mr. Lv Hong’an, General Manager, Ms. Ling Yan, Vice-General Manager, Mr. Sean Song, Vice Business Manager of Shuangyan Plant gave a warm reception.The main purpose of GE’s visit is to express their sincere appreciation to Mr. Lv Hong’an, General Manager of Shuangyan Plant. In 2015, GE was developing the new product at that time in which one special component was involved. Although GE has finished the design work of this component, and GE has spent several months to search suppliers from all over the world, unfortunately, they cannot find any supplier who is capable to fabricate this component. By the time when they were almost desperate, with the recommendation from Mr. Lance, who is from GE China Team, Shuangyan helped them to finish this component, and finally GE could complete the development of this new product, so, Mr. Adam, and Mr. Daniel take their time to visit Shuangyan Plant, and expressed their thankfulness to Mr. Lv.With this good opportunity, we also showed our capacity, product, experience, system, software, equipment, etc. so as to let the customer has a more comprehensive understanding about Yanda. Both parties hope that the persons of GE European could know more about Yanda via this visit, and look forward to finding suitable opportunities and conducting more comprehensive cooperation.
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